Homeschool vs. Public School Education

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The decision for many parents is to send your children to public schools or to homeschool them.

Different ADHD Screening Methods Used to Diagnose the Disorder

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is commonly diagnosed during childhood.

How to Know When It's Time for Speech Therapy

speech therapy

Speech therapy has helped many Americans articulate their thoughts in a more productive manner.

Mainstream or Special School?

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Choosing what school any child should go to can be difficult. But when your child has special needs or learning difficulties, making the right decision is vital.

Brain Training for Slow Learners

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Children who are slow learners are often written-off as lazy or dim-witted by many. However, it's important to understand their special needs and help them overcome their learning disability.

How Can Parents Help a Slow Learner at Home?

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Parental guidance is one of the most significant aspects that determine the success of a child.

5 Strategies That Create Conditions to Promote Online Learning

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It may seem that online learning should be (or could be) as effective as traditional classroom learning.

5 Reasons to Take Online Courses

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I used to think that the internet was for funny cat videos, Facebook, Wikipedia and not much else, but trust me, there are some useful things to do (and learn)...

5 Ways Handwritten Notes May Help Your Studies

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Taking your iPad or laptop to university, instead of the old faithful pen and paper, may seem more convenient and less cramp inducing.

Home Tuition - How Can It Be Advantageous for Your Child?

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Schools are meant to provide kids with the basic education that is needed prior to choosing a specific stream.

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