Most students will need extra help at some point in their school career. Some teachers may offer extra lessons in their own time or spend a bit of extra time with the students who need it in class time. But if teachers do not offer extra help to their students, there are other options. There are multiple resources available to students of all ages, including : tutors, past papers, worksheets.


Tutors are a great way to help students. Tutors come in many different forms. Some students who perform well academically may offer tutoring sessions to students in the same grade or younger students. There are also many tutoring businesses, where the tutors come to your home to help your child in any subject they struggle with. One option that is becoming more popular, is online tutors. There are many websites that are available. Do some research and choose the best one for you.

Past papers:

Past papers are made available to help prepare students for upcoming tests and examinations. It provides an example of the way the questions are set up and it allows them to study by practicing and answering past questions. It happens occasionally that some questions are repeated in examinations.

Go here for past papers.


Practice makes perfect and this principle applies to all school subjects. Tutoring and extra lessons are just extra worksheets that tutors and teachers help you with. If tutoring is too expensive, then there are many websites out there with free worksheets. Some sites you pay for monthly, but the price is minuscule compared to private tutoring.

All in all, extra money spent on bettering your education can never be a bad thing and can only be beneficial. Your education lays the pathway to your future and should be well invested in.