In recent years, home schooling is an option that has been increasing in popularity in South Africa. Parents educate their children from home by using curriculums purchased through home schooling institutions. It works very well for some families, and those who choose to use it are generally pleased with the choice to home school.

Many parents are now choosing or considering home schooling their children. Each parent has a different reason for their decisions, some of which are:

  • Discontent with the current education system and/or curriculum
  • Negative influences school situations/peers can have on their children
  • Lack of religious input in the curriculum
  • Lack of discipline in school systems
  • Bullying
  • Unhappy children, many various reasons for unhappiness
  • Special needs children

Home schooling is a more affordable alternative to private schools. You can choose from many different curriculums. These curriculums are legal in South Africa and can be used to gain access into university.

Home schooling only takes between 2-4 hours a day, including going through material and homework, whereas a typical school day is more or less 6 hours. This allows more free time for children to be active or take on other hobbies and interests. Home schooling could be beneficial for children who struggle to concentrate for long periods of time and those who need to move around and be active.

Before taking on the responsibility of home schooling, parents should do in depth research about it and what it will entail for them – cost, time, effort and discipline (for parents and children). Parents will need to ensure that their children still get socialising opportunities and situations to make friends.