In the past, special needs education has had a negative connotation and was something to be ashamed of. Now, special needs education is becoming more accepted and encouraged and embodies a much larger spectrum of what special needs are. Some children cannot cope in mainstream schools, be this because of an apparant disability such as blindess, or a less visible one such as dyslexia. Many kids need extra help and attention to be able to perform well academically.

South Africa does provide public special education schools. These schools typically do have a slightly higher tuition fee as they need to employ teachers and staff who are adequately equipped to handle special needs children. There are also private special education schools throughout South Africa.

Special needs children range from children who have ADHD to those with Down syndrome or Autism. These children need a different learning environment and cannot cope with the pace of mainstream schools or the large classes.

Having a special needs child is nothing to be ashamed of. Each parent must do adequate research on what their child needs and where they will be best suited. Children generally undergo psychological assessment before they are allowed to attend a special education facility. These assessments will aid you in making decisions that best suit your child and their unique needs.

Many mainstream schools are facilitated with a teacher who is able to assess and identify children who have or could have problems coping in a mainstream school. They inform the parents and lay out all of their options for them, they are there to help the children and the parents. Ultimately it is the parents’ decision to keep their child in a mainstream school or move them over to a special education institute.

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